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Patient Portal

Customer service is a top priority for us as is protecting your privacy, so we use the Rheumatology Care Center Patient Portal to manage the information and communication that is vital to your care.

The EMA Modernizing Medicine health care management system captures all of the information that we need prior to your visit, information learned during your examination and all labs, X-rays, Cat Scans and MRIs. It is also a very secure communication system to allow us to share information with each other worry free.

Click here to visit the Rheumatology Care Center Patient Portal and use the login and password information provided to you. For help with login please call.

You can do the following things on the Rheumatology Care Center Patient Portal:

  • Schedule an appointment

  • Fill out pre-registration forms. Click here to complete the forms prior to your visit.

  • View scheduled appointments

  • View visit history

  • Send a message to your doctor

  • View your health summary

  • View current medications

  • View immunization history

  • Request a prescription refill

  • View lab results

  • View X-rays and other imaging results

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